Cancellation/Late Policy
24 hours notice of cancellation or need to reschedule is best and most appreciated to allow for the appointed time to be filled.

REQUIRED: Please, NO LESS THAN 4 HOURS NOTICE to cancel or reschedule an appointment. If canceled with less than 4 hours notice, half of the session fee will be due at the next appointment.

NO SHOW/NO CALL: In the event an appointment is missed without any notice by the start time of the scheduled appointment, the entire session fee will be due or the purchased packaged session will be deducted

LATENESS: If the schedule allows, the client will try to be accommodated when late. Otherwise, the session will end at the appointed time and the full fee will apply. At halfway through the scheduled session, it is automatically canceled with the full fee due.


No Scent Policy

Please no smell of:
Smoke, perfume/cologne, essential oils, scented sprays or lotions
(Deodorant is permitted)

Due to health concerns, your therapist may terminate the appointment and charge the session fee if a client arrives with a strong scent.
This policy stands not only for the health of your therapist but for many clients with allergies, asthma and chronic breathing difficulties.

Thank you for your compliance and understanding