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Gemstone Therapy

Gemstone energy work is the centerpiece of all Turn A New Leaf Sessions. Erin Sikopoulos is highly sought after for her expertise as the only certified Gemstone Energy Medicine Practitioner in the Capital Region of NY, and one of few practitioners in the entire US. Gemstone Energy Medicine is a rare and profound energy work modality that combined with intuitive work and massage makes sessions at Turn A New Leaf a truly unique, one of a kind, holistic experience.

Gemstones are the physical form of immense concentrations of energy, that when applied correctly can support the relief of a multitude of physical, emotional, and mental challenges. Gemstone Therapy aims to clear energetic blockages in the subtle bodies that have manifested as pain, weakness, and illness, by applying them to either localized areas of the body, chakras, or acupressure and reflex points. The gems used at Turn A New Leaf are genuine untreated exceptional quality seen in only the top 10% of all gemstone material in the world market, making them highly energetically pure and potent.

Intuitive Work

Intuitive work is an assessment of non-physical information in an energy field. Through the intuitive sense a lot of information can be perceived, especially the energy of the body. Intuitive perception is a helpful tool in sessions to understand where attention maybe needed most and understanding the current state of energy helps decide the best technique or therapeutic gemstone to apply. Nearly all energy work modalities hold the belief that physical symptoms and ailments typically correlate to certain emotions, thoughts or past experiences. Intuitive work is a way to access this information to provide a very encompassing and truly holistic session.