Intuitive Consultation

Intuitive Consultation (s)

An intuitive reading is an assessment of an energy field. Through the intuitive sense a lot of information can be perceived, especially the energy of the body. Intuitive reading is a helpful tool in sessions to understand where attention maybe needed most and understanding the current state of energy helps decide the best technique or therapeutic gemstone to apply. Nearly all energy work modalities have the belief that physical symptoms and ailments typically correlate to certain emotions, thoughts or past experiences. Intuitive reading is a way to access this information to provide a very encompassing and truly holistic session.

Intuitive readings are offered in office or remotely through Skype, Facetime or Phone Call. In office readings are usually part of a gemstone energy medicine and/or massage therapy session but can also be offered alone as a session for up to 60 min.

  • Helps to Decipher Appropriate Treatment
  • Gain New Perspectives to Your Health
  • Insightful Reading with Integrity
  • Confidential, Professional Atmosphere
  • Learn to Listen to your Intuition
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Session Pricing

Intuitive Readings


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  • 30 min session

Intuitive Readings


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  • 45 min session

Intuitive Readings


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  • 60 min session


Session needs to be pre-purchased via square store link prior to scheduling.

Remote Intuitive Readings



Remote Session
  • 60 minuets = $60

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