Erin Sikopoulos, LMT


I joined this field because of my strong belief that a holistic approach to health can be most profound and transformative for one’s well-being. Nothing brings me greater purpose and joy than to help people achieve their wellness goals through the art and heart of therapeutic touch and energetic attention. I’ve built my practice on this very strong intention creating truly unique work by combining a certification in Gemstone Energy Medicine and Medical Intuition with a license in Massage Therapy.


I would be honored to join you in your journey to greater health and wellness.
Our world today is a busy stressful place.  Daily we juggle our livelihood, relationships and responsibilities.  Without balance and awareness of ourselves we can easily get out of touch with our body and emotions, leading to the manifestation of many forms of distress.  Anxiety, depression, headaches, insomnia, high blood pressure, IBS and pain; to name a few. Let’s aim to get back in touch with YOU–turn a new leaf and feel whole again with massage and energy work as part of your self-care plan to meet the stresses of daily living with greater ease and peace.